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Insoles Patch Heel Pads

Insoles Patch Heel Pads

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Introducing the 6pcs Insoles Patch Heel Pads – your go-to solution for ultimate comfort and versatility. Crafted with high elastic foam and cotton mesh, these heel pads provide exceptional support and reduce shoe size issues.

Their unique crown shape fits any shoe type, preventing abrasion and enhancing comfort. Easily customizable with two thickness options (5mm and 10mm), they're perfect for half-size or larger fitting shoes.

Available in apricot and black, each unisex set includes six pieces. Invest in unparalleled comfort with our 6pcs Insoles Patch Heel Pads. Order now!


  • Material: High elastic foam, cotton mesh
  • Size: 11.5*8cm
  • Thickness: 5mm (thin), 10mm (thick)
  • Colors: Apricot, black
  • Quantity: 6 pcs/pair

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